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Curriculum & Instruction

The thrust/purpose of Curriculum & Instruction for the Normandy Schools Collaborative is to give focus to student achievement by creating a district culture that uses data in aligning instruction, curriculum and the Missouri Show Me Standards while providing high quality professional development.

The alignment of instruction and curriculum is a continuous cycle of planning, implementation, assessment, reflection and analysis. Teachers in the Normandy Schools Collaborative begin with the end in mind by identifying the Grade Level Expectations (GLE) and Course Level Expectations (CLE) that will be addressed during the instructional process and the appropriate instructional strategies, as well as the materials and other resources that will be used to teach the concept. Instructional strategies are intended to provide students with learning experiences that are tied to identified state standards. Through effective instructional facilitation students in the Normandy School District will acquire an academically solid foundation, which includes knowledge of and proficiency in all required subject matter, affording them the opportunity to integrate their knowledge across all content areas.

Curriculum & Instruction Coordination
Creating an effective instructional delivery system requires a continuous, systematic effort to enhance the effectiveness of instructional programs and services.

Staff Development

"Professional development serves as the bridge between where prospective and experienced educators are now and where they will need to be in the new challenges of guiding all students in achieving higher standards of learning and development."

(U.S. Department of Education, 1995)

The Normandy Schools Collaborative professional development program is a continuous, flexible process that establishes lifelong learning as a valued expectation for all staff. Staff members participate in professional development that supports innovative, effective and efficient strategies focused on specific work requirements and successful teaching practices. Continuous, ongoing professional development of all staff members positively impacts student performance.



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