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  • Budget development and management, risk management, safety management.
  • Accounting operations to include bank reconciliations, monthly financial reports, required financial reports and audits and investment management.
  • Purchasing Services to include purchase orders input, output, approval verification, goods receipt verification, and invoice match. Accounts payables services for all vendor payments. 
  • Payroll related services to include classified and certified payroll, benefits, payroll deductions, worker's compensation, unemployment, and time clock management.
  • Transportation operations including school driver and routes operation and management, bus purchases, vehicle maintenance, and extracurricular and field trip transportation.
  • Safety and Security for students, staff and facilities. Work collaboratively with local law enforcement on training, preparation and prevention.
  • Food service operations including site and personnel management, National School Breakfast and Lunch Programs, and Summer Food Service Program.
  • Maintenance and custodial operations including facilities maintenance, custodial and maintenance management, and construction oversight.
  • Print shop operations for printing services.



Randal Charles 314-493-0428
Interim Asst. Superintendent, Operations Email Randal Charles
Jamie Love 314-493-0428
Business Office Specialist Email Jamie Love
Jacqueline Nicks 314-493-0471
Accountant Email Jacqueline Nicks
Tracy Collins 314-493-0426
Payroll Specialist Email Tracy Collins
Daryl Jeffries 314-280-4181
District Deliveries Email Daryl Jeffries