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Office of Support Services

This unit coordinates a network of student/parent services (social, physical, mental health, academic guidance and improving the quality of parent/school cooperation and interactions). The office staff:

  • Coordinates application of the Uniform Discipline Code, including long-term suspension and expulsion procedures.
  • Ensures compliance with Special Education Laws, the McKinney-Vento Act and Section 504.
  • Processes Special Enrollments (foster care, intra-district transfers and employee requests).
  • Coordinates enrollments of students residing in non-public residential treatment facilities located within the district.
  • Conducts crises intervention for students and their families.
  • Coordinates student transitions (elementary to middle, middle to high school, and home school to PAL Center and return).
  • Assists schools and parents to identify specific ways in which to advocate/collaborate within the academic process.
  • Meets a minimum of three times with parents of students who are serving a long-term suspension, to discuss ways in which the home and school can collaborate in supporting the student's success upon their return to school.
  • Develops programs and preventive strategies for those students who may be at risk of academic failure or those who may be behind in their studies.
  • Manages the organization and ongoing operation of a district-wide Family & Community Advisory Council (FCAC) which discusses issues within the community and district.
  • Coordinates the Home Visit Project (staff visits homes of students to build relationships that support the student in moving towards academic excellence).
  • Coordinates hotline reports to the Department of Children Services and the return of students to school that have been in juvenile detention or other correctional facilities.



Dr. Shirleas Washington 314-493-0419
Interim Assistant Superintendent of Academics and Support Services Email Dr. Shirleas Washington
Angela Harden 314-493-0419
Senior Secretary Email Angela Harden
Evelyn Bond 314-493-0456
Secretary Email Evelyn Bond
Denitria Neil 314-493-0454
Coordinator of Family Engagement and Alternative Learning Email Denitria Neil
Christine A Bounds 314-493-0441
Student Information Specialist Email Christine Bounds