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The mission of the Normandy Human Resources department is to recruit, employ and retain highly qualified, competent and caring staff to support and educate our students. Department staff use a variety of methods to recruit applicants including through advertising, campus visits, Missouri Regional Education Applicant Placement (MOREAP) and the Normandy website. Job postings can be viewed and the employment application may be completed, downloaded and printed and submitted to our department. In addition to recruitment, Humand Resouces also provides support to the district and its current employees.  Certificated, classified, and substitute employees are recruited and hired by the Human Resources staff.  

Employee benefits (i.e., sick leave, vacation, personal leave, etc.) are managed and monitored by the Human Resources Office. Additionally, renewal and upgrading of educator certificates are processed by the Human Resources staff to the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. Assistance and advice are provided to educators who may be seeking additional or temporary certification.

Through Meet and Confer and labor relations collaboration, the district's compensation plan is implemented for all employees. Human Resources is also responsible for investigating and resolving employee relation and compliance issues. Most recently, the Human Resources Office implemented the state and board policy mandated fingerprint background check for applicants and employees.

For information on Federal Labor Law Standardards, click here.

Employment related inquiries should be directed to Dr. Brenda Harris, Director of Human Resources.


Dr. Brenda A. Harris 314-493-0412
Director of Human Resources Email Dr. Brenda Harris
Andrea Turner 314-493-0430
Benefits Specialist Email Andrea Turner
Diedrea Thompson 314-493-0464
HR Generalist Email Diedrea Thompson
Virgie Driver 314-493-0400
District Receptionist/Records Clerk Email Virgie Driver